Swimming Lessons... the greatest gift a parent can give to a child

UPDATE     We miss you all so very much. I have been so touched by some of your amazing supportive messages. It’s a tough time for so many businesses and we are no exception. We hope that we can weather the storm as the thought of not being here to welcome your children back is not something I wish to contemplate right now. We have been told that chlorinated water is a safe place to be and if we can ensure social distancing Is implemented on the way in to the pool and leaving it, I am confident when the time comes we can safely teach this very important life skill. I just wanted you to know that I am doing everything I can to collate the latest advice so that when we can reopen I can make sure that everything is done in the best interest of your children and their safety. As a swim school we are a member of the largest association in the U.K. Swim England (formerly the ASA). They are releasing advice and updates in a timely fashion and we are thankful that we are members of such an amazing supportive body. (See attached ) https://www.swimming.org/…/detailed-guidance-pools-reopen…/… Please ensure that all of your standing orders are now cancelled. I will use fb and the website www.kidsswimminglessons.co.uk to keep in touch. Stay safe and I hope to see you all again as soon as it’s practicable. Until then xxxx We hope to be back July/August if all goes well, more to follow xx

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all staying safe and coping in these challenging times.

I just thought I would post some thoughts about how I propose we deal with the monthly standing orders that you pay for your lessons. When the system was set up some years ago now we could never have envisaged that something like this would happen.

Where we stand will be difficult to work out and I will try to explain why. There are 40 lessons in a year which are paid for in 12 equal instalments. This means that if the payments get stopped straight away then the lesson price you have paid up until this point was £2.50 less than the lesson actually cost. The months where there are fewer lessons eg Easter and summer, but the £32 is still paid, makes up for this. These empty weeks are allocated to the other months.

Therefore if it is affordable to yourselves and it is possible to pay the April payment then we would be so grateful if you could. If it isn't affordable to you then that is also okay. We all need to help and support each other right now. This will help us to finance the costs up to the shutdown.

I have been so touched by the messages from those of you whose income has not been affected who have sent reassuring messages offering to continue your standing orders. I really can't thank you enough. However it is only right and fair that you stop the standing orders from May onwards.

Similarly those who, like me, have had their income severed and who have messaged apologising, no apologies are needed. These are awful unprecedented times and we are all doing our best to survive.

We will move over to a termly or half termly payment when we resume. However, lack of payment will not stop any of our children returning. If you are still struggling when we return I will welcome your little ones into my lessons just for smiles.

We WILL be back as soon as it is safe to be and I promise you if I have to teach all day every day I will do so to get this show back on the road.


Swimming lessons are, in our opinion, the only health promoting fun activity which also provides a child with the necessary skills to save their own life.

At Splashtastic, safety is paramount. All children are taught a healthy respect for water, its potential dangers, and in a professional but gentle and calm manner, are encouraged to quickly achieve the Preliminary Safety Award Standard.


Our Director and senior swimming coach; Alexis Meechan; who used to swim at County and National Level, has been teaching children to swim for over 30 years. Alexis firmly believes children prefer learning to swim with an instructor in the water. For this reason, our swimming lessons involve tutor and pupil working together in the pool.

We are extremely proud of our teaching methods, our experienced team of swimming instructors; who regularly test and update their skills, are second to none, and the results we obtain speak for themselves - over 250 children a year learn to swim with Splashtastic Swim School and achieve Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Approval.

Swimming lessons for children from Braintree, Halstead, Earls Colne, Stisted, Coggeshall and surrounding areas.  We teach in a wonderful warm pool with excellent facilities at The Essex Golf & Country Club.

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