Frequently Asked Questions

How big are your classes? How many kids are in each class?

Each class is strictly limited to a maximum of EIGHT pupils.


What is your Pupil Teacher ratio?

Our ratio is 4:1 - Each class of 8 children is taught by TWO swimming instructors. Not only does this ratio improve the rate at which children progress, because we always have teacher and pupil working together in the pool, the more concentrated attention available with theses smaller class sizes  represents excellent value for money. .


Our Owner and Principle Instructor, Alexis Meechan; an experienced County and International swimmer, has been teaching children to swim for over 30yrs. The swimming school was formally set up in 2001.




Goggles - are they allowed?

Goggles can cause time delays and distractions at the start of lessons if they are lost, or more commonly, because children fiddle with them when they should be paying attention to the teacher.  More imortantly they are a physical barrier that disables the teacher from reading the child's emotions.  We can see the how a child is feeling much easier when we can see their eyes.  We would only recommend you supply them when your child can swim 25m.  However, if you feel goggles would be beneficial to your child, please discuss this with the swimming teacher.

My child has had chicken pox - when can I bring them?

When the last spot has scabbed, the children can come back. It does not matter if spots are still visible so as long as they have all dried up.

What teaching methods do you use?

All our swimming teachers are Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) trained, and we adhere strictly to ASA guidelines. Although we encourage distance badges we will not allow a child to advance through these badges unless they are swum in good style and comply with ASA law.  We have other stroke based badges to encourage them along the way


We strongly believe swimming instructors should get wet! Teaching children to swim by barking instructions from a poolside is about as effective as learning to fly by listening to an air traffic controller. This is why each of our classes 'always' involve the child and teacher working together in the pool.


Are your prices competitive?

Yes - we believe so. Although we are certainly not the cheapest, our pricing is checked annually to ensure we remain competitive.

We firmly believe our teaching methods, staff qualifications, experience and results; together with our 4:1 pupil teacher ratio, represents the most cost effective swimming lessons currently available in the area.


Fees are payable by a standing order of £32 per month for a 40 weeks or lessons in a year.  We usually ask for a £32 deposit which represents a months notice required to finish lessons.



My child is extremely frightened and will not want to leave me!

This understandable and normal reaction is something we see frequently. Because our teachers are in the water with the children, a trust relationship is quickly formed. Within a few lessons, this usually ceases to be an issue for child and parent.

A few tips which may help: Out of ear-shot of the child, feel free to discuss your child's worries with the teacher. Because familiarity helps calm a child, please attend lesson regularly and do not arrive too early; a few minutes before start time is ideal, and stay calm and relaxed when you say your good bye's as you leave the pool-side. Please be assured that if the need arises, we will certainly call and ask you to return., although this very rarely happens.  There is a viewing area.  Please sit somewhere that you can see your child but where they cannot see you.  In our experience the children settle much quicker.  If you prefer you are welcome to leave the area altogether, although we would like you to stay on the premises.


Adults - Do you teach adults to swim?

Yes. We do offer swimming lessons for adults. Whether your a beginner or a professional athlete, we will tailor swimming lessons to your specific requirements. For example, our senior coach; themselves a county and international level swimmer, is often called upon for guidance and advice, especially with respect to speed and stamina issues for endurance type events. For a confidential discussion about your requirements, please call us on Tel: 07791 039372.

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