Holidays for 2017 are as follows :-


Sunday 30th July returning Monday 4th September.

Monday 23rd October returning Monday 30th October

Weds 20th December returning Weds 3rd January


Holidays for 2018 `(to be confirmed)

Monday 12th February returning Monday 19th 

Friday 30th March Returning friday 14th April

Monday 28th May Returning Monday 4th June




As you are probably starting to notice Rachael is expecting another new addition !  She will begin her maternity leave at the end of July.  She will have a staged return and most likely return after christmas to her saturday lessons with the other evenings most likely at Easter.


Terri will be convering the Monday Classes, Mel the Wednesday classes and Alexis the Friday and Saturday classes.


Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions 07791039372