Swimming Lessons for Adults

Adult Beginners - Conquering the Fear

Generally, a child is more trusting and less fearful when the swimming teacher is in the pool. This is also true of adults, but in the case of adults, the fear has been around for longer and is usually more deeply engrained.

Teaching adults to swim can therefore be a little more difficult. However, our experienced swimming instructors ensure gentle persuasion, tact and patience are always in abundance when teaching adults to swim. Further, as most adults prefer swimming lessons to be provided outside office hours; and usually on a one-to-one basis, dependant upon day/time/pool fees, adult swimming lessons are circa £25/lesson.

For further details, or to arrange a lessons, please telephone Tel: 07791039372.

Adult Practice - Gaining Confidence

Having attended the Adult Beginners course, and now able to swim 5m, we encourage new swimmers to practice swimming regularly to build confidence, stamina and if required, to progress towards distance and stroke based awards - ASA badges and certificates.


Athletes - Triathlon

Our senior coach and proprietor; Alexis Meechan, has swum at County and National Level and each year helps several Triathlon athletes to improve stroke power, speed in the water and stamina. Following an initial 30min Assessment (£20) Coaching is tailored towards your specific goals and issues.

For further details, or to arrange an initial assessment, please telephone 07791 039372.

Swimming lessons for children in the Braintree and Halstead area